HI! I'm Iclal (idgelal), 25 years old, married and just moved to Istanbul this year. I'm in Asia during the day, Europe at night, pretty awesome right? I'm embarrassed to say I'm from New Jersey, thanks to the Jersey Shore. I speak English and Turkish fluently, and I usually speak a little bit of Turk-lish, literally it's half Turkish and half English. 

I really am a paranoiac, not technically because I haven't been to a psychiatrist, it's nothing serious; I just get caught up in my anxiety and start worrying and start thinking about all the terrible things that can possibly happen, it's very comical but I just can't help it. 

I pay attention to details and I'm obsessed with decor. I can spend hours browsing home decor stores and magazines. I love beauty products and have a small Sephora at home and it just keeps getting bigger. I love cooking, but I hate doing the dishes, but LOVE my super helpful husband who does them for me! I love spontaneous road trips with my husband and we have an herbal tea collection and drink a different tea every night  I always try new things, and there are a lot of times that I usually regret it. I think 10 times before I speak and never when I write. I'm not sure if i'm technically a graphic designer (I am a international marketing major) but I have 5+ years of experience and just started an Invitation and Stationery business. I have too many passions and here I am sharing my love for beauty, food, living healthy, decor, fashion and hopefully traveling more often. Thanks for reading! x

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  1. I hope you are doing well. I really enjoyed several of your blogs. Thanks.