HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! Unfortunately, I don't have any plans this year. It's also the reason that I have been m.i.a. You know how things just don't turn out the way you expect them to and there isn't anything you can do about it? Well that is exactly the situation I am in right now. I came to Nashville last month to help my brother-in-law start a new business; I came thinking I would be here for a week and I was completely wrong! A month later— I'm still here! 
For a person who has no intention to sign a record, Nashville aka Music City is not the place to be! Matter of fact, this place is soo boring (no offense to anyone from Nashville) we drove to New Orleans for one weekend, Atlanta and Orlando for the other weekends. Hopefully by next weekend we'll be back in New Jersey! If you are wondering why it's taking so long, it's because it is a store in the mall and it has a lot of paperwork; design proofs, insurance, the zoning department, fire department and a bunch of other long procedures! So even if I had plans for New Years I doubt I would have any energy for it! 

The main purpose of this trip was for the store in Nashville but like I mentioned all the little things that are required before starting any construction, even if it's very minor, all adds up and so we've been in Nashville for a month. My husband feels bad for dragging me along but the contractor that they initially made a deal with wanted $75k to do the store and I said are you out of your mind? The store has these great built in shelves that you can totally work with a nice paint job and some minor changes to it; the contractor wanted to demolish the whole store and start over! Maybe when we are a franchise! So I did the whole design for the store and need to be here during construction and that's how I got involved in this whole thing. These things always happen to the innocent nice guy just trying to help! I came to NJ to spend time with my aunt and I couldn't even see her and I ended up in Nashville. I'm not going to keep complaining; whatever happened happened and we are here. 

My husband felt bad for keeping me stranded here; it wouldn't have been soo bad if we were busy but everyday we think we are going to start the construction and something else comes up. Since we had some extra time, but not enough time to goto NJ and come back, we decided to take short road trips every time we got the exciting news that more paperwork is required. 

In a total of 1 month we have been in 2 countries, 12 states and soo many hotels that I've lost count! I'm soo sorry for not blogging for so long, but it's been so hectic constantly being on the road and checking in and out of hotels and running to the mall and back and trying to keep up with our own work. I've also got the holiday blues and I need to get my motivation back up! Hopefully I'll be back to blogging full time again once I'm back at home, which I miss oh so much! I'm going to share some photos that I've took during the 1 month! They were taken with my iPhone; sorry in advance for the photo quality! If you want to see my daily photographs, you can follow me on Instagram. I'll also be sharing a very exciting place that I got to goto: WALT DISNEY WORLD!




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  1. Wow, that sounds like such an interesting but weird situation to be in, hopefully you'll be home soon. Love the Disney pictures, I went in May and I'm still heart broken about being back!

    Corinne x