I never remember a time in my life when I loved drinking water, in fact I always hated it. I always knew the importance and benefits of drinking water, but every time I tried to drink a glass of water it would leave a bitter taste in my mouth and give me a stomach ache. I did a lot of research online to find the reason for this, but I’ve never been able to find anything besides the fact that I am WEIRD. I don’t think I was ever really that dehydrated because I was drinking other things. I’ve finally found a way to stop hating water and start loving it!

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Over the past three years I’ve picked up a habit and I squeeze some lemon juice into my water. Not too much where it tastes like sour lemonade but just enough for me to taste it in my water. I’ve been drinking so much water that it’s a miracle for me and to my luck it has many benefits. If you’re concerned about the acid harming tooth enamel, rinse your mouth with water afterwards. You would have to drink copious amounts of lemon water to strip the enamel. If you are still concerned try sipping the water through a straw. I decided to write this post today because I ran out of lemons last night and it was almost heartbreaking because there was no way I was drinking my water without lemon. First thing in the morning my husband went and bought me some lemons; he's the best! 

I experiment a lot of different recipes of flavored water aka "spa water"! They are all very refreshing and they look great too! It's perfect to serve if you are entertaining. Squeezing the lemon juice inside my water is easier for me because I'm always on the go (I even put a lemon cut in half in a ziploc and carry it in my bag). However, when I'm at home I usually make spa water. I  make it in a pitcher and recently I started making them in my mason jars. You can really experiment with this according to taste. All you have to do is slice up some fruit, add some veggies or/and herbs, place it in a pitcher, add cold water, and chill for a few hours. Pour over ice, garnish with a piece of fruit, and enjoy the delicious water! 
I make sure to clean all my fruits and vegetables because I'm not peeling them, nor am I boiling them, so there is a great chance they are infested with pesticides and bacteria. I use the Joie Veggie Brush to scrub the hard veggies and fruit clean. If it's something I can't scrub, I always soak it in water. I fill a large deep bowl with water and put half a cup of vinegar in it and soak the veggies or fruit in the mixture for 15-20 minutes. After soaking I rinse it with water.

Are you drinking eight cups of water a day? Chances are you’re not, and it may be because plain water isn’t appealing. Try flavoring your water with sliced fruits and even vegetables for a refreshing and delicious way to stay hydrated!

Here are some great recipes with lemon for delicious 

Minty Cucumber Lemon
1/2 a cucumber, sliced
1/2 a lime, sliced
1/4 cup fresh mint leaves

Cucumber-Lemon with Basil
1/2 cup sliced strawberries
1/2 a lemon, sliced
1/4 cup fresh basil leaves

Citrus Cucumber Water
1/2 a lemon, sliced
1/2 a lime, sliced
1/2 a large orange, sliced
1/2 a large cucumber, sliced

Lemon Lavender Water
3 lemons, thickly sliced
1/4 cup fresh lavender

You’ll Need:
1-quart jars or pitcher
Wooden Spoon
Agave, honey or another sweetener (optional, I don’t use sweeteners)

  1. Choose which recipe you're making or come up with your own combination and gather all of the ingredients. 
  2. Place the fruit, herbs, and/or spices in the bottom of one of the glass jars; try to extract some juice from the fruit if possible.
  3. Fill the jar with water and give it a taste. You can also fill the jar with seltzer water for a fizz. If you'd like something a bit sweeter, try adding some agave and mix until it is dissolved.
  4. Enjoy as-is or refrigerate overnight for maximum flavor. 


  1. I love infused water! I drink a jar every morning, it is so refreshing :)

  2. I can only enjoy infused water as well! I was the worst water consumer some time ago and barely had a proper glass a week (the thought of that freaks me out now) but a slice of lemon in your water makes such a huge difference. I need to get myself one of those veggie brushes!

  3. The minty cucumber water sounds amazing. I drink soooo much water so I'm always looking for ways to mix it up. Thanks for the ideas!

    Lauren | Disco Daydream

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