When Life Gives You Lemons, Plant a Lemon Tree!

So, lemons are my obsession. It might be the one thing that I always have in my house! It's very weird but I never use to drink water, it wouldn't go beyond 2 sips because it just makes me nauseous, I just don't like the taste. So, I decided that it was very crucial and I needed to start drinking water. I started experimenting, making all sorts of flavored waters. I added strawberries, oranges, and they did taste great but then I realized all I needed was lemon! Now, I drink water all the time, I cut a lemon in half and just squeeze it into my water bottle, I prefer to drink water is a bottle, why? I'm just weird.  If you want you can spice things up and make it fancy. Slice some lemons, add a cucumber, throw in some mint or basil, whichever is your preference and VOILA! Delicious and eye pleasing water!

Considering my lemon obsession, it wouldn't be any surprise that I fell in love with the potted lemon trees I first saw in a mall in Istanbul! They were used as decor for the mall and those lemon trees seriously changed the whole feel of the malls lounge area. I then started seeing them in other places and now I have to buy myself a lemon tree. Luckily here they sell them potted, so I can just pick it up and transfer it to a cute pot. We live on the top floor of our apartment so we have an amazing terrace that I am still working on. I will do a Before and After post once I am done with it. I'll have to wait till March to do anything since it'll be a long and dreadful winter! 


The photo above is from Lee Kleinhelter's gorgeous Atlanta home. You can see that the lemon trees contrast beautifully with her walls, adding so much color to the space! Aside from the terrace, I might have to put a lemon tree inside too!

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