It's that time of year again: Our Anniversary! I have no idea what to get my husband! This happens twice a year, on our anniversary and his birthday and I go crazy trying to find a perfect gift. He's not a guy with a lot of interests or hobbies, so it makes buying a gift 10x harder. I always try to go for something different rather than the usual cologne or a watch, and honestly he's the last person to care; if I gave him flowers, I'm sure he would even appreciate that, but I always try to make it special because he always gets it right, right off of my wish list! 

For his 25th Birthday, I did something different and I decided to buy him 25 gifts! Don't think I'm crazy because I didn't go and buy him 25 very expensive gifts. I thought it was a cute idea and he really loved it. Who wouldn't? I sure would like the same for my upcoming 25th birthday. I should give him a hint. Anyways, that was the only year where he actually needed some new clothes and shoes. So, I bought him a couple pairs of shirts, some jeans, a pair of shoes, a cologne and then I bought him small gifts that I thought he would like, things like a wallet, gloves, scarf, an iPhone case, a business card holder and a personalized money clip with his name engraved, a mug, a facial set, lip balm, some clorox wipes for his car, because he really was in need of some! I also bought him his favorite chocolate and just small things that he needed or I thought he would like, you know little knick-knacks and I put it all together very nicely and that was his gift. Buying gifts according to the age number doesn't have to be something that will cost a lot, you can set a budget for yourself and buy gifts within a certain price range. Of course, you would want to buy your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or any other man in your life something special and you might want to spend that money on one special gift, but this is just a cute idea when you don't know what you can buy or you just want to do something extra special. In the end it's the thought that counts. 

My husband is going to turn 30 this year and he is starting to feel old, and I know that he wants me to update his wardrobe and make him feel younger, funny right? Although that's what he wants, I'm still not sure what I'm going to buy him. For our last anniversary, I bought him the Charboil Patio Bistro Electric grill from Brookstone. For this year I've done a lot of research and still am and I've put together some of my favorite gift options that you can get for a guy. If your looking for a gift for men and have no idea what to buy, or the yearly routine has put you out of different options, here are some ideas.

1. H by Hudson Cruise Suede Chukka Boots Reg: $245 Sale:$171.50 (ends 11/21)
2. Sun Mark Studio/Etsy 15" Handcrafted Genuine Leather Briefcase $119
3. Mancornas/Etsy Steampunk Handmade Cufflinks Set $26.35
5. Rochester Shoe Tree Company Leather Shoe Care Kit $110
6. The Art Of Shaving Lexington Collection with Black Pure Brush $285
8. Brookstone Nap Massaging Bed Rest $99.99


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    1. I know, I actually bought it for one of my guys friends, but I always secretly wanted it for myself!